This is simply a list of upcoming events. Many are open to visitors. If you are a visitor to this site and would like to visit us in person please accept this as your invitation to contact us for more details about any of these events.


The weekly Sabbath morning (Saturday morning) programs are open to all. You are invited to come visit us. Click here to see details of this weekly event.


The Pathfinder club meets on Tuesday afternoons from  3-6pm approximately every other week. (during the school year) In addition there are other "special" Pathfinder events. The Pathfinder club is for students in grades 1-8. Members are encouraged to invite and bring friends in this age group. Others should contact the Pathfinder Director. Please contact the church office for the Pathfinder Director's name and contact information.


Thursdays, 6 am. Men's Fellowship Breakfast Group


Friday, 6:30 pm. Prayer meeting


Conference events are church events. Please contact the pastor through the church office for more information about conference events.


Online events and videos of past events are available online. Please contact a church member for suggestions.


Bible study events. Personal Bible study may be arranged.  Please contact a member or the pastor through the church office for more information about new and ongoing bible study events.


April 26 Board Meeting

April 28-29 Reclaiming Our Children Weekend Event, First United  Methodist Church Christian Life Center, 212 Waterloo Street. Friday Evening, 6:30 PM

May 6, Fellowship Meal 

May 7 SAU Graduation

May 14 Mother's Day

May 17, LAS Graduation

May 23, Lawrence County Schools Last Day

May 23-June 4, 2023 Ky/Tn 2023 Campmeeting

(Last updated 4-13-2023)